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Critical Information Regarding your Costa Canyoning Tour

Below contains information for all our tours, however, please find the one that’s specific to yours.  


Canyoning Tour: Morning 9:AM


The tour starts at the Costa Canyoning Base Camp where you will be introduced to your guides and to the equipment you’ll be using (safety harness, descending gear and helmet). Safety is our number one priority because we care about you. From Base Camp it’s a 5 min. 4x4 ride through the Magical forest and then up the ridgeline to the top of the canyon. There, you will receive our safety course instructions before starting your adventure.


When you reach the first waterfall (which is 7 meters, or 21 feet high) we will teach you the fundamentals and proper techniques of rappelling. Then you are on your way – with 5 more waterfalls to go! The largest of the falls is 27 meters, or 80 feet! Don't be afraid, we have thousands of satisified customers who absolutely love our tour. Just read our reviews!!! The canyon ends at the Uvita River where there are pristine swimming holes for diving, jumping & sliding or relaxing and reflecting. Afterwards, we will provide our pura vida picnic

(fruit,water,cookies,chocolate). Then back to the base camp for photos and good vibes...

Make sure you bring your iPhone we use airdrop.



COSTA CANYONING Base Camp is located right next to Uvita Arts Center in UVITA. From the main highway take the road where the B.C.R. Bank and the Gollo is, drive 2KM East and go straight passing Indomitos REST, keep going straight pass the little bridge then go across the big bamboo forest (only bamboo forest in uvita), keep going and turn right after Casa Eliconia follow the road that goes to the river we are located right next to the Uvita river.

2KM East of B.C.R. Bank
60504 Uvita, Costa Rica


Meeting Time:

Morning Tour: 9:00 AM 



What to bring:

You will be getting completely soaking wet so please bring the appropriate clothes to wear. Boardshorts, rashguard or teeshirt you don't mind getting wet. Yoga pants seam to work best for the girls. Adventure sandals (Chacos, Keens, Tevas...) or old sneakers you dont mind getting wet, NO FLIP FLOPS! The softer the sole the better the grip on wet rocks. There is a secure place to lock up all your valubales at our base camp during the tour.



Costa Canyoning runs under the strict guide lines of International Canyoning organization for professionals (ICOpro)which holds one of the highest standards of safety in canyoning.  All of our equipment is up to date and meets all climbing and canyoning safety standards. Our guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR.


We know how to get you down the canyon fun and Safe!!


 There are no special skills and experience required for our tour, just a sense of adventure! Costa Canyoning is kid friendly! Children must be 7 years or older.


Costa Canyoning reserves the right to refuse participation due to any participant which in the judgment of our professional guides do not meet the required fitnesss standards or apear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other substances.

 If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly.


Canyoning/Canyoneering and similar activities have a certain element of risk. You and your group have chosen to voluntarily participate in a canyon adventure with Costa Canyoning and are responsible for your own personal insurance. 


Cancellation Policy: 


Costa Canyoning reserves the right to refuse participation in this tour due to any participant which in the judgment of our professional guides do not meet the required fitnesss standards or apear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other substances.


If cancellation is for any other reason other than weather we will issue you a refund of 50%. If the cancellation is due to weather we will rebook your trip for the following day or another day during your stay. If we are unable to accommodate you during your stay we will issue you a refund for 70%.

Please note: If you cancel 7 days or less before your tour you will be charged 50%. If you cancel 48 hours or less before the your tour you will be charged 100%.


We look forward to adventuring with you!