Founder and Co-Founder


Scotti and Sarah

A Swiss-American that grew up in Southwest Florida & frequently visited Costa Rica due to his Grandparents retiring there in the late 60’s. Scotti has been an International Adventure guide since the mid 90’s. Switzerland is where he fell in love with canyoning and decided to train & specialize in the adventure sport.  After traveling the world as a Canyoning guide (Switzerland, Italy, France, New Zealand & Japan) he decided to move to Costa Rica with his Australian wife, Sarah, in 2006 to start up their own Canyoning Company. Scotti has developed a true Canyoning Adventure Tour that is unlike any other in Costa Rica. Scotti was in a bad Motorbike accident in Dec 2013 and lost his right leg. Due to his warrior status, it wont be long befor he is back in the canyon!

New Owner/Operator



Travis worked with Scotti 8 years ago with the claim to fame as being Costa Canyoning's second guide, and first to do high water rainy season with Scotti. Modest and humble, he never truely let all his knowledge with ropes, rescues, and climbing known. He grew up with ropes in his hands, climbing and rappelling in his blood. His father was part of the local fire company's high angle rescue crew, instead of tv they did knots. He's also an Eagle Scout, and has traveled the U.S. working National and Council camps teaching climbing, C.O.P.E, skiing, diving, and sailing. When it was time for a "real" job he found a calling with cell towers, where his background got him national recognition for rescuing a climber on a tower. After settling down a bit Travis and his family decided to move back to Costa Rica. His wife, Courtney, has a successful 200 YTT Yoga School in Uvita, gypseayogaschool, which Travis helped to facilitate, but his passion laid a short distance away in the Canyon. When he took over Costa Canyoning he thought he would be in the canyon more but he found out quick that the boys are the real charm of the tour, and knew he would have to be the behind the scenes guy. Now and then you might get a chance to see him in the canyon, either working the tour or checking out the routes.

Senior Guide

Carlos Llanero Solitario Morera aka Barney

One of our proud local Dominical Boys.  Barney grew up playing around in the jungle and in the waves at the beach. He's has been a big part of the local tourism industry as a life guard, rafting guide, surf instructor, bar tender and now Senior Guide at Costa Canyoning. His passion for nature and adventure is what he loves to share with our guests.  Barney is a team rider for the Costa Canyoning Surf Team and is normally available for surf lessons after the tour, if you’re keen!

Senior Guide

Greivin Estaban Arguello Morera aka Juanete

Another one of our proud local Dominical Boys.  Juanete grew up playing around in the jungle and in the waves at the beach, which makes sense because him and Barney are brothers. He also has a deep passion for nature and he loves to share it with our guests.  When he's not in the canyon or giving surf lesson he DJs at Maracatu.