Costa Canyoning

 We pride ourselves on taking you out of your comfort zone and making you comfortable through Thrill-Therapy! The tour starts at the Costa Canyoning Base Camp where you're introduced ...
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The Tour

The tour starts at the Costa Canyoning Base Camp where you are introduced to your guides and the equipment you’ll be using (safety harness, descending gear and helmet). From Base Camp it’s a 15 min. 4x4 ride through the Magical Bamboo forest and then up the ridgeline to the top of the canyon. There you will receive thorough safety instructions before starting your adventure.


When you reach the first waterfall (which is 7 meters, or 21 feet high) you will be taught the fundamentals and proper techniques of rappelling. Then you are on your way – with 5 more waterfalls to go! The largest of the falls is 27 meters, or 80 feet! The canyon ends at the Uvita River where there are some pristine swimming holes for jumping & sliding or relaxing and reflecting.When you 've had your fill, our Canyon Cruzer will pick you up and take you back to the Costa Canyoning Base Camp where you'll receive our famous "Pura Vida Picnic" (beer included)! 


What to bring...

You will be geting completly soaking wet so please bring the appropriate clothes to wear.We recommend boardshorts, rashguard or a tee shirt you dont mind getting wet. Yoga pants seem to work best for the girls. For foot wear we recommend adventure sandals (Chacos, Keens, Tevas...) or old sneakers that you don't mind getting wet. NO FLIP FLOPS!  The softer the sole the better the grip on wet rocks. There is a secure place to lock up all your valubales at our base camp during the tour.


Costa Canyoning runs under the strict guide lines of the Swiss Outdoor Association (S.O.A.) which holds one of the highest standards of safety in canyoning world wide. All of our equipment is up to date and meets all climbing and canyoning safety standards. Our guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR.

You need to be an active person in good health. There are no special skills and experience required for our tour, just a sense of adventure! Costa Canyoning is kid friendly for children 11 years or older accompadied by an adult.

Costa Canyoning reserves the right to refuse participation in this tour due to any passanger which in the judgment of our professional guides do not meet the required fitnesss standards. In this case clients will be refunded 100%. If you have any questions or concerns contact us directly.

Cancellation Policy

Please note: If you cancel 48 hours or less before the start time of your tour you will be charged 100% of your tour cost.

We look forward to adventuring with you!