Safari Night Walk

From USD 45

One hour hike into our private forest looking for exciting species of animals. In Costa Rica the largest percentage of animals are active mostly or exclusively at night. Fall in love with the sounds of millions of insects and dozens of frogs & toads. 
Are you ready to go find out whats here?

From USD 45

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The tour starts at El bosquesito every night at 7:30 pm, its a one hour tour, very easy hike.
We provide a flash light and you must bring your camara, insects repelent, hiking shoes, and long pants!!! 



Its the best time to find, observe, and photograph beautiful tree frogs, shy snakes, colorful insects, mammals and others rainforest creatures that only come out at night. 
The incredible symphony of tropical rain forest at night is one of the most exiting experience.
Reserve this tour and dedicate your attention & love with our passionate and knowledgible tour guides to this unforgettable experience. .
Be aware it is quite an adventure to be in the rainforest at night!!!



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